Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cage of Darkness

The air was crisp and was wisping by in soft breezes. The sunlight was beaming with pride against the soft blue wings of the tufted titmouse flying about the sky with little effort. She was the fastest bird in her generation and she strived to keep it that way. She was always so happy. The little bird was flying around, looking at the scenery and loving every moment of it. She loved how the sky bent down and kissed the earth and she loved how gallantly the breeze took her and the clouds through the sky, showing them all of the wonderful things. She loved how much the air treasured her and whispered in her ears every time she took flight. She loved the world and the world loved her. She happened to look down upon the grassy planes of the north, to discover a beast lying in the soft weeds and flowers. The little bird was unconcerned but almost curious. What was a four legged beast to her anyway? She had wings, she could fly. However she seemed to notice, which tugged and pulled at every corner of her interest, that this beast was bigger. Much bigger. 'He must be very strong,' the little bird thought. 'His coat is quite beautiful.' She perched herself on a dying tree not too far away from the beast. She pondered for a moment.' he looked quiet inviting although he is asleep...it wouldn't hurt if I just went to go get a closer look.' She took flight again and glided to where the beast was peacefully sleeping, in a world only he could see, in the only breath he could breathe comfortably. She landed by his paws. In his paws lay many miles of walking, in his legs lay many painful roads, in his claws lay many lost souls. She studied his face, scars of many won battles but more from lost ones. His face looked sad almost lonely. Sigh, however the little bird did not take into mind these details, she was capsizes on how strong his claws and fangs were. she wanted them...she wanted to trade her wings for fangs and live seldom on the earth’s crust, giving up on the skies love for her.... what a stupid bird... The beast awoke and looked at the bird. "little bird what business do I owe to you?" the beasts voice was sad, it was like crying, it was like loneliness but of course the little bird did not hear this in his voice. She spoke, "Beast of the land, I would like nothing more than your fangs and your claws, you beast, can have my wings. I have grown tired of them anyway." At that very moment the beast did not look like pain or loneliness he looked surprised and almost happy, but not quiet. The beast sat up. "Little bird that rides the breeze with such ease and has freedom like no other, are you sure that this," he put out his paw and showed her his claws and beamed his sharp teeth. "Is what your heart desires?" Now the little bird looked puzzled and then as sure as a rock hitting the ground she grinned, "Beast, your mother is the earth but you love the sky, I will give you the names of the wind the love of the sky and the whispers of the air for your mother and her fruitfulness. I do not lead you into trickery or death I give you a new life full of wonderful things that will make you joyess once more." And with this the beast nodded. He knew what was to come of the little bird once she traded such a beautiful privilege for such a hell bound right. They traded their bodies and the little bird was now the beast and the beast was now the little bird. He flew away giving her his thanks and road on the wind leaving her grounded and happy...for now. She walked and ran and played in the fields but sure enough days after day the world became lonely, she, once the little bird, was lonely. She could never catch up with the birds of the air she could never find anyone...nobody was there anymore....she was left by her own self abandonment... Years went on and she was overcome by loneliness. She, because of this loneliness made madness and then she fell deep into the darkness of her own creation. She built herself a cage of darkness and stayed comfortably in the never ending pain and darkness. Little birds would fly in and she would kill them. She had believed that no one could save her and that there was no room for happiness or friendship, or love. The only thing she ever loved was darkness and all its beautiful madness and painful agony. She grew tired; her heart was week and weighed heavily in her chest. Then on a most dreadful autumn day there happened to be a bird that flew right onto the beast’s doorstep. She was going to kill it and eat it but the bird spoke to her with such kindness, it was like some of the heaviness got lifted off. The birds name was best. She became the beasts friend and accepted her for who she was; however over the course of time, the two of them fell apart and the heaviness returned with a force truly heart breaking. Best flew away one day and never returned and that's the day the darkness swallowed the beast whole. She never did see another beast like her on the earth, throughout her walking's. She walked in darkness once again. The beast hated herself for trading her wings. For more than one hundred years she walked and walked. Never happy, forever lonely, forever residing in darkness. Her life was over she thought, while lying in a meadow full of dead sparrows, there was no point in anything anymore... she wanted nothing more than to die... "Come...come to me...out of hatred...come to me." a voice from the wind spoke to her. The wind spoke to her after all these years, after her treachery the wind still loved her. She rose up in a brisk movement and fallowed the voice. She followed this voice for days, bringing her to new places she had never been. The voice of the wind brought her to a small opening in a forest with a small brook flowing through it. "Go...find the ones you seek..." the voice stopped whispering after the confusing message it held inside the beasts mind. She went atop a hill in the opening and saw something that took every single painful thing and every agonizing breath away from her and filled her soul with happiness. At the bottom of the hill were five beasts, five that welcomed her, five that brought her joy. They were her happiness and her joy. She found her happiness and her love once more. But that's how happy ending are supposed to end. Unfortunately that is not how it ends because there is no such thing as happy endings nor did the darkness ever leave.


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  1. I liked the allegorical feel of this piece...almost a fable...How often do we give up something only to find it's the one thing we desperately need? I really like the line: "After her treachery the wind still loved her." We all need acceptance like that.