Friday, August 22, 2014

I am...

I am… I am hot tea and hot chocolate, cookies and milk, Cold weather and snow, fireplaces and blankets, Books of great mystery, romance and tragedy, Baking and cooking cookies, breads and soups, Cleaning the house, not missing a spot, Staying up late and getting up early, Drinking black coffee, Candy canes and Christmas are surly my favorite, Twinkling lights and a beautiful Christmas tree, Making snowflakes out of paper, Forests of great beauty, Lakes of great treachery, Mountains of great happiness, Rivers of great sadness, Staying warm all of the time, Soft teddy bears I like to cuddle with.


  1. I like Hot Tea and Hot Chocolate too. :)

  2. I love romance books! Probably my favorite genre. I love baking, cooking, and eating cookies too!

  3. I bet you love this time of year as it starts to get cooler and cloudier...all I want to do on cloudy, cool days is snuggle up at home with some tea and a book.