Thursday, October 30, 2014

halloween spirits

The night was cold as a touch of spooky settled on the land, The wind carried the bats with its whispers, All of the pumpkins on the streets had died hours before three, Lose candy was being taken by the night creatures, Which we all know that they would prefer a fresh body, Rather than this sweet chemical treat, The orange had faded and the black remained, As all the little witches lay in their bed, Dreaming of the happy things, Forgetting about the scary things, But never to wake again. My favorite Halloween treats are Twix (I love Twix), the popcorn balls, suckers, m&m’s , Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, and sometimes starburst. I cant really think of the best one I have ever received; however, I do know all of the ones I absolutely hate and the reasons why. I absolutely hate kit-kats because one day I opened a kit-kat and there were maggot things in there, it was beyond gross. I didn’t eat it I just threw it in the trash and from then on I have refused to eat kit-kats, I have a good reason too. Snickers are nasty as well. I opened one and took a bite and it tasted old like really old. Some candy’s that I don’t really care for are gopstopers, laffy taffy, sweet tarts, and jelly bellies. 1 large egg 2 cups pickle juice 4 stalks of celery 1 rotten tomato 2 tablespoons onion salt 1 ½ cup old eggnog 2 ¾ cup of old potato chips (any flavor) This potion would get you out of school for the next week.

Rules over madness

I woke up to see my nightlight being engulfed in darkness. I closed my eyes trying to pretend that it was not there but the sound of the carpet moving was too eager to remind me to be afraid. The thing breathed and its breathing sounded like a thousand child’s screams and its smell came from the darkest pits of hell no doubt. I kept my breathing down, for which I knew that if I pretended to sleep and it was convincing enough, that this monstrous darkness would leave me in peace for yet another night. But then I got this unknown courage to throw back the blankets and look it in the face, if it even had a face. I couldn’t stop myself as my eye lids flew open and my arms moved swiftly to uncover my body. My mouth wouldn’t open no matter how much I wanted to scream. It was like someone sat me up to face the dark mass. My feet hit the floor and I was inches away from the pale white face or mask of a thing that I knew outwitted me. “Child…” it spoke in at least five different voices. My mouth opened but did not speak. It looked at me with its black nothingness eyes then began to speak once more. “Why are you awake? Are you afraid of a higher power? Are you afraid that your god cannot protect you from me? What are you afraid of?” it said as it bowed to me and touched my cheek with its long black wispy finger. It was cold yet somehow reassuring but menacing and still wanted. I set my hands on my lap and I began to speak. “I was jolted awake by your unprepared arrival,” I stood up and turned on my lamp. “I would have made you something nice and cleaned up a bit before you had come.” I motioned to the room that had piles of close and body parts lying about. “Now as goes for power,” I looked down at my hands, “I crave it, and you can say I need it.” I looked up. I had no idea why all my deepest thoughts and wants were showing themselves now, but it felt somehow right. “In the past three days I had dismembered at least five homeless people and two highly proclaimed business men and all of their eyes were dug up by a spoon and put in a glass jar. And here you are asking me if my god would protect me,” I laughed. “I am a god in my own right.” The creatures smile grew. “Now being afraid of something…” I put on a quizzical look and thought for a moment. “ I suppose I am afraid of being anything less than a god that rules over madness.”

Thursday, October 9, 2014

window poem hoppers house

I’m looking in. Seeing the stained blue walls, Of a kitchen. Outdated. To the left of the kitchen, Lay a body of a man On the rotting floor. Motionless, dead. Just like the air that settled Around me. Everything about this Scene looks wrong, The blood pooling out. Covering the floor. Red. I got this feeling as if I shouldn’t be here, But my feet wouldn’t move My eyes wouldn’t budge. I’m always watching, Always waiting for Something Guess this was it. The crickets started to chirp As the sun descended As it watched me Looking in to the dreary house. I heard the humming of a lullaby far behind me, I turned around quickly And saw it standing far way, I couldn’t make out exactly who or what It was, but I knew it was there And I knew I was next.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Harp (Harris Burdick)

The water rolled over the rocks and the wind flowed through the trees. There was a faint melody playing, not caring who hears its lustful noise. There was the breaking and crunching of a man that longed for this melody. He was empty inside, he wanted to die until this melody filled his void. He had walked for hours till he came to a waterfall and to his surprise there was a golden harp playing softly by the waters edge. With the harp brought him comfort in his dieing hours, for which he had poisoned himself for seeing no reason to live any longer. He sat by the harp and his vision started to fade as he thought of how cold it was to die. So its true, he thought, its really true. And he faded from this world.