Thursday, October 30, 2014

halloween spirits

The night was cold as a touch of spooky settled on the land, The wind carried the bats with its whispers, All of the pumpkins on the streets had died hours before three, Lose candy was being taken by the night creatures, Which we all know that they would prefer a fresh body, Rather than this sweet chemical treat, The orange had faded and the black remained, As all the little witches lay in their bed, Dreaming of the happy things, Forgetting about the scary things, But never to wake again. My favorite Halloween treats are Twix (I love Twix), the popcorn balls, suckers, m&m’s , Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, and sometimes starburst. I cant really think of the best one I have ever received; however, I do know all of the ones I absolutely hate and the reasons why. I absolutely hate kit-kats because one day I opened a kit-kat and there were maggot things in there, it was beyond gross. I didn’t eat it I just threw it in the trash and from then on I have refused to eat kit-kats, I have a good reason too. Snickers are nasty as well. I opened one and took a bite and it tasted old like really old. Some candy’s that I don’t really care for are gopstopers, laffy taffy, sweet tarts, and jelly bellies. 1 large egg 2 cups pickle juice 4 stalks of celery 1 rotten tomato 2 tablespoons onion salt 1 ½ cup old eggnog 2 ¾ cup of old potato chips (any flavor) This potion would get you out of school for the next week.


  1. I really liked your word choice in this poem. "Sweet chemical treat" and "the orange had faded and the black remained" are a couple of my favorites. The contrast in the second quote is particularly creepy.

  2. I can see why your Kit Kat encounter turned you against them for life! Gross! I don't like those anyway...