Wednesday, September 10, 2014


One second I saw black, then I was running into the brightest night that ever shown its face. The blindfold that had seized my sight was long gone by now, laying on the ground not knowing what to do with its self. The dead leaves and the earthly things crumbled and snapped underneath my weight. I saw the towers of the city at least a mile away once I cleared the menacing woods. I had no idea where I was for the past days, I could barely remember my name. Oddly enough I kept running. Whoever or whatever took me, I couldn’t let them get me again. The cuts and gashes that covered my body burned with the autumn air. The dried blood cracked with every movement and my mussels hurt more than ever. But I kept running. I didn’t dare go on the road or anywhere close to it. They might find me. I couldn’t feel the earth underneath my feet anymore the cold had possessed them making them numb. My lungs burned within my chest yet I kept running. I came in to a big field with cows and a little house that rested on the edge of it, in the direction of the city. The house was sleeping softly. This field was big but I was driven by my will to live to cross it. I was running as hard and as fast as I could when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. A ball of light at the edge of the woods directly to my left. Could that have been what tormented me? I had no doubt in my mind. Fear welled up inside me and I ran faster, harder. It started to come towards me quickly. I knew I couldn’t out run it, but I had to try. I was coming upon the house when I noticed that the ball of light right behind me. I plunged into the darkest hole and it was over.

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  1. Minus the lines about the blindfold, I thought this piece could of course be from the voice of a person but also could be the thoughts of a deer being hunted...Such an awful panic that makes me sad.