Monday, September 8, 2014

Sleepover Scare

The little child sat on his bed with only one thought in his head. A sleepover of fun and every chore was done. He picked up the phone and called his friends, one by one. They all came later that evening, one by one. The children stayed up all night but when the clock struck one, the host said “Let’s play a game. A game of fun. A game of hide and go seek.” The children all agreed with the host. The host was the seeker and naturally the children were the hiders. “Ten….Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four...Three...Two, One. Ready or not here I come” The host counted with such joy and yet there was a hint of madness in his tone. He went to the kitchen and found none of his friends. He took a knife from the dishwasher and then the eeriness of the whole game started to settle in. One of the boys was hiding under the bed, another was in a closet and the last was hiding in the dryer. The host walked slowly. “…London…bridges… falling down… falling down…..falling…” he stopped singing as he stepped into his room. He held the knife behind him, resting softly in his hand. His eyes were timid yet filled with the madness that lived in his soft tone. He studied the room. He knew of the little boy under the bed, holding his breath so the host, his friend, could not hear him. The little boy shifted as the host walked around the bed and looked in the closet. The host walked to the end of the bed and got down on all fours. He peered right into the little boys eyes with the only thought of causing him unlimited pain and torment. He stared at him for what seemed like hours before he dragged him out and plunged the knife into the heart of the innocent child. The scream of the child aroused the tortured soul of the merciless host. So long he had craved the blood and the sight of the blood oozing out of the body. He took the knife out of the motionless body and stood up over him. The host put on a smile and started to walk out of the room to find the other boys. “London bridges…falling down…” The other two boys heard the scream but thought nothing of it. They heard the host singing and thought nothing of it. Little did they know that they were going to die, one by one. They giggled and laughed and held their breath when the host got closer. “…Falling down…Falling down…London bridges falling down. Falling...” the host stepped in front of the closet and turned the handle slowly. He then cracked the door to where only a sliver of light ran in the closet and clutched onto the little boys face. The little boy saw the host get in front of the crack and peer in. He saw the menacing grin on the host and he felt the aura of the dark infested being that stared strait at him with such beautiful madness. The host opened the door and stood there, knife at his side. The little boy had a big smile on his face “oh you found…why do you have a knife?” his smile faded as the host closed the door and darkness engulfed the two. “…down…” the host whispered. He stabbed the knife into the boy’s right eye and shoved his arm into the little boy’s mouth with such force that it broke his jaw. The host ran the knife over the boy’s throat swiftly. His jaw just dangled and his eye and throat just oozed blood as the host began to stab him in the stomach. The little boy just lay there in a heap of flesh and blood. Motionless. The host stood up and walked out of the closet, dripping in the blood of the two fourteen year olds that lay victim from societies spawn of darkness. “London bridges…falling…down…my…fair…lady…” the host whispered once he came into the laundry room. The host put down the knife and walked over to the dryer. He turned the knob to high heat and braced himself against the dryer door. “Sorry, friend.” the host spat in such an evil snare. He pressed start and the banging and screaming began. After a few minutes it all was silent. The host opened up the dryer and the burnt and broken body tumbled out. The host kicked it and walked out of the room with the light on. In fact every light in the house was on until the host walked out of the house and disappeared like the morning fog rolling through the soft grass.

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  1. How creepy...especially how the host just walks away at the end. And the use of the childhood song lyrics sets an especially menacing, quietly crazy tone.