Wednesday, December 17, 2014

1) Most of my writings are dark and infused by some kind of pain, be it physical or mental. In the writing “cage of Darkness”, that was an overview of sorts over my life however the ending that I wrote is the complete opposite of what it really feels like. My stories and poems and sayings are amazing I think however I myself am much darker than that, I believe that if I wrote darker people would be concerned for me and not read the stories that I have sown together. I believe I will take that risk though.
2) Well lately I have been reading up on Paganism. It’s quite interesting if I may say. Maybe if I had the money for some of the things that are needed for it then maybe I would be happier. What am I saying, if I was happier who would be writing these funny stories. (some dark humor)
3) My friend (ex-friend) actually came up with the name if I remember correctly. I like the name it peeks the interest. I would want a lot of people to read it that would be great. I think that the people that read my blog are seeking some kind of vision or inspiration of sorts. Or they are just really bored. I would love it if my readers did comment on some of the things I post.
 4) I have noticed that I cannot write stories nearly as well as I can type them. I’m not sure what it is about actually writing them, maybe I’m too impatient and I think too fast for my pen. What is in my journal is very little. Small snippets of things that seem to be confusing or stupid. I probably will not journal. If anything I will type it.
5) From a page in my journal (this is the longest thing that is written in that spiral note book.):
Shrouded by the darkness that life has thrown at me,
Sitting face to face with death sipping on tea.
My head is too full and my body is too tired,
 My heart and eyes are the liars.
This life is meaningless I think,
All I must do is blink.
Maybe then it would be different,
But they all say life is brilliant.
I guess all I need is a switch,
I say, life is a royal bitch.
6) From my blog: Move on The sound of a screaming heart is more defining then the loudest siren. The pain that is beaten into the bones of this aching body is not even close to bearable, the eyes of passing people judging as always, knowing or not of who you are or what you have done is still like a knife to the heart. I guess I’ll just move on.
7) I plan to write more horror stories, hopefully. I’m not really sure how creative writing is different from writing any other story.
8) I appreciate every one that reads my blog. I will be writing more. Also, please comment your thoughts on my stories even if you hated it. Have a wonderful day. 

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