Wednesday, December 3, 2014

101 things about me.

1. As good as I am art, I suck at painting.
2. I have never has a pet that I could call mine besides the neon fish that ate each other.
3. I love the suspense and the gore that comes with horror films and books.
4. The only movie that has ever really scared me was the possession of Michael King.
5. I would really like an Ouija board.
6. I cannot remember that many things from my past. Particularly my middle school and freshman year; however I still feel the emotional pain from the things that I know I have done and the things that I have blocked out of my mind.
7. I have depression and it has been getting worse but I can live with it. I’m not medicated but that’s ok, I’ll be fine.
8. I actually like singing even though I’m really bad at it.
9. I like writing stories but for some reason I cannot write nor draw anything happy.
10. My favorite colors are midnight blue and a deep red because the colors remind me of gothic and Victorian styles.
11. I don’t like relying on anybody or anything.
12. One time last year I wanted to build a pub/inn that looks exactly like the ones in Skyrim.
13. Skyrim is an RPG (role playing game) that I really like.
14. In the past couple of months I have had two boyfriends and one suitor of sorts.
15. I love warm smells but in spring when I’m cleaning I like the smell of the honeysuckle wax melt. 16. As much as I love teddy bears, I only have one.
17. I used to be able to sit down and read a book but now, I can never find a book that really interests me.
18. Death does not scare me, it is the way I may die that may scare me. Drowning, being buried alive, eaten, and caused undeniable pain and torment.
19. When I am dead, I would like to be cremated or if I am still young, put in a glass coffin above ground.
20. I don’t really like board games because I always lose.
21. I am starting to become quiet vulgar.
22. The bands that I really like are: Bring me the Horizon, Set it Off, Suicide silence, Falling in Reverse, Pierce the Veil, Of Mice and Men, Crown the Empire and We Came as Romans.
23. I think I like bears because they look soft and fluffy.
24. My favorite feeling in the world would be falling asleep in someone’s arms and knowing that everything is going to be ok.
25. My favorite kinds of tea is Earl Gray and English breakfast with sugar and honey.
26. I have never fallen asleep in school before, well that was before I entered Mr. Abromovites class. 27. When I was little I wanted to be many things, one of them (when I was about 8 or 9) was a ballerina. My dad told me no because I was too fat and big boned for that. When I was in close to turning 17 I wanted to be a mortician, but my dad said no and that there was something wrong with me because no 16 year old wants to be a mortician.
28. Fact: I loth my father greatly.
29. The way I think about myself is that I am ugly, fat, stupid, and annoying. This is because I have been told it so often for so long I started to believe it.
30. My favorite color is a red Camellia.
31. One day I want to live somewhere pretty.
32. When I was little my dad slammed a trunk door on my head and I have a scare from it.
33. When I am angry towards someone I am ice cold. I don’t care about their feelings nor their very existence.
34. I care too much about people and I put them above me and try to make them happy even though it hurts me.
35. If I go hunting, I want to hunt elk or moose.
36. I believe in aliens, the supernatural and magical creatures.
37. I don’t really like Halloween. I love Christmas though.
38. My mind is very dark.
39. Back when I was 14 or 15 or early 16, I used to drink. Now I won’t even touch it.
40. Ive never been to an actual party.
41. When I talk about myself I feel as if I am being self-centered, a know it all, stupid, pitying myself, makes other people think that I want attention and that’s why I don’t like talking about myself.
42. I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim.
43. My favorite kind of cake is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
44. I like ruby’s but I also like sapphires.
45. If I ever get married I want my ring to be simple with only one small diamond.
46. If I ever have a child I want a boy to be born first and then a girl. This is because the boy can protect the girl and if my husband and I die I would like my son to protect the girl even more.
47. Something that grosses me out is people can just lay on public floors without thinking of all of the germs and just ewe.
48. I like red plaid over blue plaid.
49. I like Italian, Hawaiian, Irish, English and some Japanese foods.
50. One time I had a spinach peanut butter smoothie. It was really good but it turned my teeth green. 51. Sometimes I’ll go hungry if I’m not at my house because I don’t want my breath to smell bad.
52. I really haven’t been to that many social events.
53. I got tired of wishing my life was like the characters off of shows and movies so I don’t really watch that much TV.
54. A couple of kid shows that I used to watch when I was little was Mr. Rogers (my favorite), Telly Tubbies, and the old Scooby Doo.
55. I really like tattoos, I might get one.
56. I used to jam out to the Jonas brothers when I was 13.
57. I think about a lot of things. Most of the time I over think.
58. “What doesn’t kill you makes you wish you were dead.” Is one of my favorite quotes.
59. When I say I’m fine or I’m alight, I’m probably not. When I say don’t worry about me, I it because I can deal with it.
60. I don’t like how chalk feels.
61. I prefer lamps over fan lights.
62. I like rustic cabins over modern day houses.
63. I like incorporating some sort of stitching in my stories.
64. One time I spent hours cutting out 82 small palm sized snowflakes.
65. I don’t think that I have ever liked elmo but I do like the counting vampire.
66. Sometimes I like watching British shows.
67. My favorite super hero is Ironman.
68. I have never had a gingerbread man cookie but I want to try one.
69. I prefer writing in black pen.
70. I get on pintrest to find recipes.
71. I like hoodies.
72. One time riley and I walked the mall for eight whole hours just talking.
73. I like old figurines.
74. I prefer dead leaves over alive leaves.
75. Most of my cloths consist of black.
76. I make really good pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.
77. I use three dots a lot when I text.
78. I refuse to eat pork.
79. I don’t like doing pottery.
80. I like walruses and the elephant seals.
81. I don’t really like the sun.
-Riley Laboyteaux said:
1. She likes to cuddle.
2. Personal time with someone is important to her.
3. Emotions are important to her.
4. She doesn’t like to talk to people.
5. I don’t like it when she is depressed.
6. I don’t like how she thinks about herself.
7. I don’t like her whole family.
8. I love her eyes.
9. I like her hair.
10. She tries to make people happy even when it hurts.
-Bland Landers said:
1. She loves kitty cats.
2. She likes gothic interior.
3. She likes watching scary movies.
4. She is super caring.
5. She loves the snow and snowflakes.
6. She used to live in a haunted house.
7. She loves blankets and books.
8. She wants to own a library someday.
9. She loves to decorate houses.
10. She hates swimming in large bodies of water.

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  1. I like the lists from Riley and Bland you included at the end. Isn't it nice to have people who know you and what you're about? I can connect to many things on your list, including your love of decorating houses (it's what I think about all the time, even more than teaching probably!) and I also used to live in a haunted house (the ghost was not threatening to me or my family). Perhaps you've given up your dream of becoming a mortician, but I do see that job as a noble calling. I worked in a funeral home for a few years when I was a teenager, mostly doing office work and cleaning and helping take care of the owners' two children. Once I got past the initial scary factor of being alone in the place--two large old houses connected by a sanctuary/auditorium--I came to love the peace and the family I worked for. I saw them help people through difficult times in a sensitive and professional way. I've had to think about death and dying more these last few years as I've lost people I love very much, and I have to say I fear being old (and having to rely on others like you mentioned) more than what comes after. I definitely want to be cremated (and my ashes sent to a company that makes them into a biodegradable urn you can plant and a tree grows in your memory). Other similarities I saw: I use three dots when I write...all the time, I don't like to swim in large bodies of water, I loved Mr. Rogers, and I am thinking about getting a tattoo (with my sisters, of three arrows to represent us, really tiny on the inside of my right wrist). What I can't relate to: being so good at drawing! Not a strength of mine...I enjoyed reading your list, Ashley. We don't talk a lot, but if you're feeling sad or dark and need me, I'm here.